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2020/06/13 15:28









I used to frequently use a flat spatula when cooking.
However, since this 「15cc 」came to our house, this 15cc has been a huge help.

The spoon shape fits well into the bottom of the pan, and when the bottom of the pan is rotated around with 15cc, the ingredients are collected neatly.
Then, the center is gathered by rubbing with the flat part of the tip.
It is amazing that it is made of wood and it fits in well, but it is even more amazing that it can be used for serving because it can measure the large spoon and the small spoon without stopping to cook one after another.
The handle is also just the right size, and it's very easy to use because you can cook in a pot or pan by turning the 15cc in your hand and spinning the bottom of the pan around.
And since the material is made of wood, it can be used gently and safely against foodstuffs such as simmered vegetables.

But it seems to have some weaknesses. This is a teaspoon portion, but it is not suitable for measuring powder. The large spoon can be firm up to a full slice, but the small spoon was difficult to adjust as I felt like shaking 15cc. Neither liquid is a problem.
In the first place, it's hard to cook everything in this 15cc, so I think it's a good idea to use it as one of the various cooking utensils.

And unlike general urethane-coated products, it is used by exposing it to water at first. After use, it is necessary to wipe off water thoroughly and dry it in a well-ventilated place, but the feeling that the utensils you use every day are changing little by little through cooking is "nurturing" and very enjoyable.

Nevertheless, 15cc is a pretty good cooking tool.
This is one of those products that I would like to recommend as one of my favorite cooking tools.

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