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2019/09/12 08:00





It was a year ago that I gave this mobile to a dear friend far away in Germany as a baby gift. It was my first time giving birth and I was wondering what I should do with it, when this mobile suddenly caught my eye.
The color scheme of this triangle-based mobile is said to be the first color scheme that a newborn baby would recognize in this world.
Then it was "nice" to have it as a baby's first mobile, so I decided to give it a mobile and a handmade message card.
It was overseas, so I was worried that it would arrive safely.
Then she contacted me. It arrived safely. Thank you! I've also been contacted by the The baby was looking at the mobile the whole time. I remember being very happy.
I've been enjoying this mobile for about three years now, and thanks to the good texture and thickness of the paper, it's still on display today.
The weight is also light and easy to install, which is my favorite part.

Occasionally, the shadows of the mobiles, spinning in the sunlight as they enter the room, fall on the walls and move, and I forget that time has passed.

Thanks to its geometric design, it fits in well with both Japanese and Western styles.
Across the ocean, I wonder if they're still spinning today, and I remember how they're doing, and I wonder if I should call them.
We recommend you to live with a mobile.

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